D-liciously Diabetic

Enjoy these Cut the BS Carb Free-Sugar Free-Fat Free Muffins!

Want my secret receipe to these Diabetes Friendly Carb Free, Sugar Free, Fat Free Muffins???

Sure you do…

Here’s what you need  and what you need to do… 


April Fools!  They don’t exist! These are the full carb, full, sugar, full fat versions of Banana and Blueberry Streusel muffins!  My family loves them!

Here’s where the myth comes in…can People with Type 1 Diabetes eat them? Oh the horror…

The answer is:


We just have to dose our insulin appropriately and like everyone else…we too have to chain ourselves to a treadmill to burn it off!

Happy April Fools!

Your Cut the BS Girl 🙂