About Cut the B.S.!

Hi, my name is Arlene M. Skinner and I’m a diabetic. It’s still up in the air which type. All I know is I am learning the ins and outs of a diabetic lifestyle. I left the hospital a bit scared of what to eat, having to inject insulin into my belly, and how different my life would be from this point. As the days went, I began to realize that my life isn’t much different, I just became a little more aware.
Since my trip to the hospital, I found that a few more people in my life were affected by diabetes than I thought and a few of my friends have at least thought about getting screened as a result. How amazing is that? Having enjoyed blogging for my real estate blog, I decided I need to blog about this experience not only for myself but maybe those around me. Thanks to my good friends and creative masterminds, Susan Anderson and Katherine Anderson, “Cut the B.S.” was born.
So, B.S. stands for blood sugar of course! I wanted the blog not to be about just living with diabetes, but living it up with diabetes. I wanted to have fun with this blog because that is who I am. There are enough serious websites out there about diabetes and I’ll share those along the way. I want us to explore ways to cut the blood sugar and lead healthier lifestyles. I hope to help those who might be going through the same things and hopefully learn from others who have been through this longer than me. Maybe this can help someone who isn’t diabetic take steps to prevent it. Sometimes, I hope to just be able to vent about the tough days. This process isn’t easy but it hasn’t killed me either so I must be getting stronger. If you have any ideas or want to contribute somehow, please contact me at cutthebsgirl@gmail.com
I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it. And so continues our journey!

5 replies on “About Cut the B.S.!”

Amazing- Arlene you never stop to amaze me. I think this is a brillant idea- I am a diabetic and I can identify with what you have gone through. My theroy is that there is a cure- and a better life out there- it is going to come from people like you-

Thanks for the D-love loubyjo and Marcy. I’m happy I can find some people with whom I can relate. Loubyjo, I can’t imagine how difficult dosing yourself can be with aspergers. I admire your strength, both of you.

You don’t know me, but my name is Robin North, and we have a mutual friend Susan Anderson whom I know through work. I was telling her about being diabetic and she told me about your blog… I have never been on a blog before, thought I would check it out. I have been type I diabetic for 33 years, and I do my best to take care of myself and follow what my doctors tell me, watch my diet and exercise ( I am a walker). I have learned quite a bit over the years… I do 4 shots a day. I never let my diabetes stop me from living my life, but it is very much a part of my life… married 26 years and two children…. there have been quite a few hospital trips, but I have a great family support, and good doctors and nurses. I feel very fortunate everyday!! Take care!!

Sorry it took me a while to get back to you, Robin. What a great inspiration you are to me. Please keep the comments coming as I’m just writing based on my experiences. I’m nearing 6 months as of this reply. I hope to write more in the upcoming year. I have two children as well. I find my family and best inspiration to keep on keepin’ on. Thanks for reading, Robin!

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