The Cut the BS Diaglossary

Like with any community, we also have our “Urban Dictionary” if you will on terms, phrases, and acronyms that we use as we live with Diabetes.  If you find I’m missing anything, please DM me!  I’d adding to this list constantly.

Afrezza: The only inhaled insulin on the market currently.

Betes: Short for Diabetes

Certified Diabetic Educator (CDE):  These are nurses who have an additional certification to help coach us with our diabetes lifestyle and perspective.  They’re great especially when you only see your Endochrinologist every 3 months and need a little more direction.  Some industry companies as well as insurance companies offer CDE coaching as part of their service.

Correction Factor (CF):  When you test yourself prior to a meal and are higher than range your medical professional can assign some math to do to correct for that high.  For example my correction factor is to take 1 unit for every 40mg/dl I am over my goal.  So, if I reading is 220 mg/dl.  I would take that number and subtract by my goal (let’s make it 100 for this examle.) 220-100=120.  Then I take that number and divide by 40:  120/40= 3.  So, In addition to what insulin I will be taking for my meal, I would take an additional 3 units of insulin to correct for the high.  Don’t use my correction factor though! Everyone’s is different. Talk to your doctor to see if you are ready for correction factoring or if you need a change in yours.

Diabadass or Diabadvocate: PWDs who share the word out about our condition.  You will typically find them online and be overly excited to meet them in person. Some examples: Mary Tyler Moore, Charlie Kimball, Nick Jonas.  Other examples: Tony from Duck Fiabetes, Clem from Diabetic Ink, and @theonetype on Instagram.

Dexcom or Dex: A Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) that is widely used among people with diabetes. A sensor is attached to the wearer (either on the abdomen, arm, or leg) and transmits the reading to a Monitoring device-most of now can be read on mobile devices like smartphones.

Freestyle Libre: Also called the Freestyle or the Libre, it is a Flash Glucose Monitor where a monitor device is waved over a sensor that is attached to the arm to get a Glucose reading.

Insulin to Carb Ratio (I:C) :  When bolusing, we take 1 unit of insulin for every so many grams of carbs we eat.  For example if you have an I:C of 1:10 and you are about to eat something that is 30 grams of carbs, we take 30, divide it by 10 and so we have to take 3 units of precious insulin. Got it? #mathwiz

Multiple Daily Injections (MDI):  People with T1D will often refer to themselves based on their type of treatment or device.  Those on MDI use syringes or insulin pens to inject their insulin.

Pump Vacation: When a PWD needs to take a break from using their pump.  They typically will go back to using a vial and syringe or will get insulin pen prescriptions from their doctor.

PWD-Person with Diabetes: This is what you may call the “politically correct” way of describing someone who lives with the condition. The term Diabetic can be considered offensive to some PWD but others still use the phrase because it is a quicker and more recognized term.