My Guy

My Guy

by @cutthebsgirl

I found the love of my life

In the middle of fall

In the the most unusual place

By some doors down a hall.

His confidence was refreshing

His smile was intense

He was friendly and fun

Hanging out made sense.

Jobs pulled us apart

But not for too long

He said, “Let’s get married!”

“Let’s pick our own song.”

Partners we became

Summer through spring.

We traveled and worked

Welcomed two monkeys the stork brought in.

Then the day came

My blood got too sweet.

Tried to take me from my lovelies.

Was my life’s work complete?

He noticed I was not myself,

And he fought.

And now I’m still here,

Thanks to my hero who’s hott!

He still has that intense smile,

And a twinkle in his eye,

Happy Birthday, my love,

My best friend, my guy!

AttituDe of GratituDe inSOULin

My Little Friend

My Little Friend

by @cutthebsgirl

Oh hummingbird don’t you see,
How lucky you are to be free,
You can go anywhere you want to go,
Without anyone to tell you no.

And with that freedom to fly free,
You still chose to come see me!
How happy am I today,
That you decided to come my way.

So thank you from this happy heart,
Of which you truly have a part.
I’ll look forward till we meet again,
You, my awesome little friend. 💖

AttituDe of GratituDe

Things to Do During Quarantine

Hi Everyone!  It’s me…your Cut The BS Girl!

All this COVID-19 stuff, self-quarantining, and social distancing got us thinking of our community and how we can help.  We thought it would be a great opportunity to share with everyone a few ways to spend this time so here we go:

  • Going for a walk
  • Bake that beer bread recipe you’ve always wanted to try
  • Play hide and go seek
  • Learn a new dance
  • Check my blood sugar
  • Drinking juice to get myself back in range
  • Refill my Glucose Tabs
  • Have a drink with my boo

There’s so much we could be doing during this time!  We could be spending with ourselves,  with our loved ones, and of course, with our diabetes. 

So yea be sure to stay well,

Stay positive and

Always…always Cut the BS!


Please tell us in the comments below how you are spending this time!  We’d love to spend our time reading what everyone is doing!