D-liciously Diabetic inSOULin

Christmas Kisses

I’m making these little tokens of appreciation for the crossing guards at my girls’ school. Since, I’m a sucker for chocolate mints I pop one of these dark chocolate filled with mint truffle Hershey’s kisses. At 2.78 grams of carbohydrates per kiss. I can still enjoy my holidays in my “cut the b.s.” manner.

How do you “Cut the B.S.” from your holidays? I could use some ideas. 🙂

Happy holidays everyone!
Love your “Cut the B.S…and I mean Blood Sugar” girl,

By cutthebsgirl

Working it till there's Type None.

One reply on “Christmas Kisses”

today I read your comment on face book about making coffee at home and how it is lower in carbs and I smiled picturing you making the coffee espresso sound. Your attitude is amazingly grounding to me in your quest to be a “good” healthy diabetic. I want you to know that you inspire me when I need it the most sometimes! thank you Arlene. Today you brought a smile to my face, and gave me some great ideas!

You bring joy to something that literally is driving me nuts,and yes I love making my coffee at home- because it allows me something sinfully delicious and almost carb free!

your carb deprived friend still living with the enemy blood sugar.

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