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Diabetes Blog Week 2015 Day 4: Got any change???

I found myself running low on time today, but I seeing as I have recieved a surprising amount of feedback from friends, aquaintances, and people I don’t even know, I thought I’d keep the momentum going.  I even began a post for other blogs that I work on that don’t have anything to do with Diabetes. Yay blogging!

Anyhow, today’s subject is change.

What would I most like to see change about diabetes?  Hmmmm let’s see, besides its exsistence?  I’m gonna go with yesterday’s theme…less pricks in my life, please!

At my last appointment, my endo and I were talking and in her opinion, if checking blood sugars was not so uncomforatable, we’d do it more often.  I agree.  If you asked anyone to choose between checking their blood sugar or their blood pressure, I’m sure more people would pick a tight little hug in the arm than a poke in the finger.  Anyone interested in checking their BS by using a Google Contact Lense? I know I am! 

The same goes for taking insulin.  I am pretty much at a point where I’m fine with MDI (Multiple Daily Injections) over the use of an insulin pump.  But with with the growing popularity of Afrezza® and longer lasting long acting insulins, I’m optimistic that this is only the beinning. I wouldn’t be surprised to see other phamaceutical companies coming out with their own versions non-injecting insulin, maybe to the point of making generic versions, bringing down price. Ok, now I’m just getting too excited…need to “simmer down now.”

For those of your who won’t be blogging this week, I’d still love to hear your thoughts on this, maybe in comments?

    Today’s Prompt:

    Click for the Changes – Thursday 5/14 Link List.

    Today let’s talk about changes, in one of two ways.  Either tell us what you’d most like to see change about diabetes, in any way.  This can be management tools, devices, medications, people’s perceptions, your own feelings – anything at all that you feel could use changing.  OR reflect back on some changes you or your loved one has seen or been through since being diagnosed with diabetes.  Were they expected or did they surprise you?

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    Working it till there's Type None.

    4 replies on “Diabetes Blog Week 2015 Day 4: Got any change???”

    So far, I see Afrezza. Maybe if the Google contact lenses work out..maybe we can take insulin via eye drops…oh but wait…that might smear my mascara! #soworthit

    Why not try alternate site testing, especially as summer is here and legs are bare? My husband lost his hands in 1970 and became a t1d in 1978. We have been testing on his top of thigh since 2001. We started using an insulin pump in 2002 and a pump + sensor in 2008. The last a1c/bg lab test we did showed a minute difference between the lab test and the bg monitor test on the top of his left thigh. I use a magic bag (those cloth bags filled with seed) to warm up the leg and get the blood circulating before I do the test. I recognize that fasting bg is closer to the lab result than other tests, but we do get good a1cs with this method. Would you test more often if you could use an alternate site, I wonder. Palm, calves and upper arms can also be used with modern bg monitors.

    Hi Diana,

    Thanks for the response..I’m personally fine with testing myself where I do but, there are others out there who are daunted by the task. I am curious and will have to try your method sometime soon! Thanks again and thank you for being such an awesome wife!!!

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